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” strange a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of celestial being sword passes 4VR ” go up formally now line! A surname is violet flower straight face not Zhou Shan

Explode according to president of amuse oneself of small gain @ makings, game of the VR below the line ” strange a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of celestial being sword passes 4VR ” appear on the CJ last year, love is strange now art VR announces ” strange a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of celestial being sword passes 4VR ” on line, and will at Beijing head hair. ” strange a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of celestial being sword passes 4VR ” accredit of You Dayu authorised edition, love is strange software of art VR, flower hare combines development, moxa support of Kui Si technology, the government announces formally now, ” strange a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of celestial being sword passes 4VR ” on line, at be enmeshed world VR- Beijing is versed in 3 inn head hair. a surname is violet flower carry a body on the back and stand, ahead is not Zhou Shan. [……]

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” is super Maliao made 2 ” be in charge of to ravel with noumenon especially sell unscrupulous merchant you began again?

Do not know groups big still are written down do not remember last year in November ” demon Bao Kemeng Let ‘ S Go ” the upsurge frying valence before put on sale? The demon ball fittings that binds together as demarcate is fried by network unscrupulous merchant for a time with game cassette a price. Ren Tiantang was announced nowadays ” super Maliao is made 2 ” content of purchase in advance, included a theme to touch among them accuse pen and 12 months member, some unscrupulous merchant had wanted stock trick to be applied again. Make the same score in some treasure at present stage, mentioned expressly to include the game that is in charge of especially to raise price considerably, whether to in still one part commodity is described, include without the specification at all be in charge of especially. Even already the businessman will be touched accuse a pen to be carried alone come out to sell, the players that want to buy hypostatic version in platform please are sure to keep away from unscrupulous merchant and affirm to inn-keeper be in charge of especially information, avoid to appear purchase in advance was in charge of especially last year edition ” demon Bao Kemeng ” the case that did not take a ball however. [……]

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BAFTA? Game of independence of bear the palm ” brother: Gemini is fabulous ” Nintendo Switch platform will be landed on May 28

BAFTA? Game of independence of bear the palm ” brother: Gemini is fabulous ” time of Nintendo Switch platform will land on May 28: 2019-05-22 10:47:14 origin: Official author: The government edits: Sleep the sheep of lie-in
The whole world issues business 505 Games and development business Turn Me Up Games will on May 28 (Zhou Er) bear the palm issues in Nintendo Switch platform countless adventure are independent game ” brother: Gemini is fabulous ” , 14.99 dollars have price. Game video:
This day rises, in Nintendo EShop purchase in advance ” brother: Gemini is fabulous ” the player will be enjoyed of 10% in a limited time discount. Game of independence of this wide reputable reputable directs Josef Fares by the Swiss film of rich creativity hold guide (masterpiece: A Way Out escapes be born day) , game page: Of version of Https:// Nintendo Switch ” brother: Gemini is fabulous ” introduced mode of brand-new collaboration of two-men this locality, let a player opportunity and close friends share the brigade of the heart like a paragraph of fairy tale first. Single person game can begin after player begin game or open enigma, exploration to make a person together with the good friend exclamatory setting or with bloodcurdling Boss people openly engage in a battle. Besides brand-new two-men collaboration mode, the game of Nintendo Switch version still will enjoy exclusive content, include the explanation of behind the curtain that directs Josef Fares and art concept showroom among them. ” brother: Gemini is fabulous ” classification the T class to suit adolescent, game can download digital version in Nintendo EShop only. More ” brother: Gemini is fabulous ” information requests an audience: Http://[……]

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D is added close bemoan FPS blows hard ” battleground 5 ” by breach of foreign organization CPY

” battleground 5 ” it is battleground series is made newly, make by DICE, EA is issued, should make on November 20, 2018 put on sale. Game pays attention to much person battle, have brand-new ” company ” mode and ” eat chicken ” mode, the group that can invite player feeling to be differred fights experience. Have powerful setting to destroy a system. ” battleground 5 ” use D to add secret technology, after insisting to be less than a month, by breach of CPY of foreign famous organization, let a person plaint the effect forthright and sincere of CPY is tall. Foreign website has been given off now ” battleground 5 ” free download, however to this game be good after all be bad? Let our wait and see what happens. [……]

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” dead or unripe: Sanded platoon 3 ” socks of network of area of Li Luosi condole of new welfare Ma is alluring

Game is not sent, welfare is more than. Glory spy library rub gave off Xin Yibo in not long ago ” dead or unripe: Beach volleyball 3 ” sexy beauty pursues, appreciate sex appeal to explode together the socks of condole area network of the watch installs Marie – Ross.

Carry incidentally, there still are 4 Zhang Xin’s heads finally, be in nevertheless Marie – under Ross’ aureola, estimating you gent is not quite care to did not explode so of the thing of the dot. . .


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Does the E3 of Bethesda exhibit schedule to affirm ” discreditable 2 ” want to come really?

Now, bethesda affirmed on media news briefing the company extends the schedule that go up greatly in E3, it is reported, b company will begin his news briefing formally at 7 o’clock in the evening on June 12 in American time, will have at the appointed time exceed much work to announce brand-new information. In addition, the direct seeding on the line of B company also will be started in a hour after the news briefing begins, bring the game information of more and newest delicacy for the player.

Above all, as a result of ” ruined soldier 4 ” be about to be in on May 13 put on sale, accordingly we are exhibited greatly in E3 go up to be able to understand probably about the news that makes newest DLC originally, in addition, ” radiation 4 ” DLC also affirms in May put on sale, because these two work should not have too much new information.

But eliminate above two work, the biggest this year window it may be said is ” discreditable 2 ” this work, this making had affirmed to be landed inside year in the past, and also do not have at present too much about the information that this making commentate piece, because this is exhibited greatly in current E3,go up, the newest development that B company affirms to meeting exposure is made originally makes progress, our assassin associate will be returned to this year, help princess of already grown adult recapture the kingship that belongs to her.

Besides ” discreditable 2 ” , we discuss below one now ” antediluvian reel ” work still may be vogue early, nevertheless B company is met probably exposure a few ” antediluvian reel OL ” up to date information, expect please.


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Game is terminative ” divine spirit is allegorical: Legend ” inside measure a server to be shut formally

Of lion head atelier free work of much person game ” divine spirit is allegorical: Legend ” (Fable Legends) the player is afraid also do not have again with the day that strange unreal world meets in game, this making close Beta test version stops already formally nowadays originally take.

It is by respect of lion head atelier oneself put out a server this, this atelier still fails to hold to celebration eventually. Lion head atelier is 1996 by what leave to be established from the Peter Molyneux of bullfrog atelier, was bought by Microsoft 2006, the put on sale after two years ” divine spirit is allegorical ” take the place of first. This series is in the status with full confidence all the time, series rolled out two lineal add to make subsequently, still rolled out additionally a few ” divine spirit is allegorical: Hero ” , ” divine spirit is allegorical: Journey ” and ” divine spirit is allegorical: Legend ” such deriving work.

” divine spirit is allegorical: Legend ” former on last year put on sale, jump later the ticket comes 2016, after announcing to shut lion head atelier as Microsoft last month cancel formally. This making close Beta test is in early already started 2014, still opened a lot of content in game recently, a lot of tasks can experience. In game inside the player that has bought gold coin all can obtain refund.

” divine spirit is allegorical: Legend ” the server already was shut formally now. Writing in announcement: All stories all have terminative when, however the hero is triumphal and a variety of memory that evil person plans will by embalm. The support that appreciates a player you are legend!


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” battleground 1 ” bold use one battle set or have cavalry and biplane

” battleground 1 ” be DICE bold attempt, they will use background of the First World War. One battle is very important on human history, it changed warlike face, also changed the mankind to have warlike kind. One battle also caused very serious caustic estrangement to destroy, initiative overcome with horseback, terminative Yu Tan. The armament race of one battle caused technical shake-up, also open the modern war in our acknowledge.

” battleground 1 ” be this series apparently important transition, but it cancels this series impossibly all regulation, regular meeting is withheld ” battleground ” core mechanism and experience. So ” battleground ” the setting that core mechanism wants how to use one war period goes reflecting? By what should be restricted? Above all, the tank of one war period is not the main source that firepower outputs absolutely, one war period also does not have high-tech radio beacon this kind of prop. Additional ” battleground ” inside the dogface battle of series, the heart is divided quiver implement the renascent prop that is a key, and in one war period we can take a few injector at most.

Can affirm at present, much person mode has 5 people in a team, but not clear altogether has how many kinds of profession. In current video, the rocket that we appear to cannot see an engineer and carry a repair function, the diversity that holds a system possibly can be reduced somewhat, antagonism carries provided measure to also can rely on landmine or dynamite only.

” battleground 1 ” publicize from first paragraphs piece begin to be alluded like us, it can pay attention to close body battle very much. The weapon of fighting at close quarters that already affirmed at present has: Hammer, shovel, machete, army thorn is waited a moment. Still revealed in video mephitis and prevent change take, probably chemical mephitis weapon will be in ” battleground 1 ” important role is acted in much person game.

The soldier that shows from inside video is exploded we guess the appearance with dizzy shake, disease of artillery shell shock (Shell Shock) may become game to operate one of mechanisms, plus the toxic condition that mephitis produces, may add a lot of new suppress and interference mechanism for game. Additional, there also is the thread that air defence prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan in video, can do not have any dogging to lock up calm system at that time nevertheless, so air defence method may be compared primitive.

Of course, hold a respect the meeting is more original, have jeep, tank and biplane only. Horse was shown in video, so horses also can become a kind possibly to carry. We had been been informed ” battleground 1 ” in tank can be divided for light-duty and heavy-duty, it is OK also to do not know horses is is cent small-sized horse and large mule? Additional, the plane firepower of one war period is very finite, it is the handgun that relies on air man at first even board brick has the confrontation in sk[……]

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” demon animal ” music of film Chinese promotion is approved by player anger this is what plays meaning

The film ” demon animal ” public praise has a place all the time since exposure tumbledown, let a person couldn’t help be worried for it. Its government small gain announced the film now ” demon animal ” Chinese popularizes music ” We Will Rule fights with his back to the river-fight to win or die ” MV, by the singer the person such as Zhang Zhenyue and MCHOTDOG hot dog shares creative work, although the government publicizes his,be history on most light, but in light of the echo from the player, the evaluation of music of this Chinese promotion is bad.

In the past the film ” demon animal ” culminating and premonitory use dub in background music got the allergy of a few players, think it should more air entrainment situation is a bit more boundless, is not such popularity. Compared with that premonitory the BGM in, this Chinese popularizes music ” We Will Rule fights with his back to the river-fight to win or die ” style and epic it is to differ more very far, MCHOTDOG+ Zhang Zhenyue, appropriate appropriate Xi Ha Feng, not be musical itself has what problem, just distribute electrify film ” demon animal ” have so little violate and.

Face such violating to mix feeling, the player’s aspirations also is consistent boycott, many people are popularized in this Chinese the opinion is expressed below music, do not like, heard awkward cancer to break out! The BGM that tells the truth to still be inferior to doing demon beast directly is more Orphean this is not to know to say what became good really I the air of demon animal is boundless did not have completely

Do you think what kind of music just fits the motion picture quite ” demon animal ” ? Breath out a style compared with Xi, want more are the music with boundless air and film more proportional?


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” anthem ” it is difficult that 4 people collaboration hits carbon task to reveal Boss to exceed dozen

On game history today: ” sciuroid big fi新上海贵族宝贝论坛 上海贵族宝贝交流区ght ” in Japanese put on sale

Swim history since galactic justice emissary

This may be current the look up before the most comprehensive E3

Emis爱上海 爱上海同城手机版sary of justice of the Milky Way of a week 上海千花社区 上海千花网交友topic

On game爱上海同城 爱上海 history today: ” bl上海龙凤论坛 新上海贵族宝贝论坛oods上海千花网 爱上海同城对对碰ucker: Avoid the world saves atone for ” official put on sale

Swim history since galactic justice emissary

On game history today: ” Russia diamonds ” be born

Swim history since galactic justice emissary[……]

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