Giant star of British rock and roll defends · Bao Yi to die greatly last pieces of special or plan to leave

International is online report local time on January 11 morning, media platform pushs socialization to upload with f上海千花网龙凤论坛

acial book especially come to England the information that giant star of rock and roll protects Bao Yi to die greatly, cause global music person of the same trade and collective of millions upon millions vermicelli made from bean starch sad deep sorrow and in succession the lifetime that dispatch reviews this legend music person.

The government of big Wei Baoyi pushs write so in the statement of Zhang date especially: On January 10, 2016, through the tenacious fight of 18 months and cancer, the calm below the company of nature of the big Yi Jin that defend Bao in family dies. Subsequently, this message got the son of big Wei Baoyi, film director Deng agrees of Jones confirm. From this, the fall from the sky of a giant star was experienced again on world music arena, let professional music support of the people millions upon millions vermicelli made from bean starch can’ts help clutching wrist to heave a sigh.

Be born in the big Wei Baoyi of London south, original name defends Jones greatly, depended on 1967 ” aerospace eccentric ” enter arena of British rock and roll. One established him avant-courier, changeful style, its are barpque, the modelling of common of Jing world be astonished lets big Wei Baoyi make the image of follow of millions upon millions vermicelli made from bean starch, also be England and global music group an unique culture symbol. The music that he writes wanders to be overco上海贵族宝贝论坛


at balladry, Pang (interpret is overcome for friend) , rock and roll and between the genre such as electric tone, often be applied to be in experimental group motion picture and the living theatre.

Besides his work, the topic around big him Wei Baoyi also is the central i上海夜网论坛

ssue that recreational media tracks. In the special subject that reviews Bao Yi growing course, a historical acoustics that he accepts media to interview when 17 years old is more deep the people kind yearning to this God. When those, had not gone up in musical arena the Bao Yi of all-powerful, started a group that the name grows hair man not to suffer discrimination for protection. Face camera lens to return his some blueness are acerbity appeal to stop to make fun of, discrimination takes the man of long hair. I like, I feel the member of our organization also likes to grow a hair. Other and factitious what cannot we understand to be able to be manage origin to harm us with this.

The music of big Wei Baoyi and dance typhoon case affected posterity of generation happy altar, also won the admire of person of other heavyweight music. After be informed the message that he dies, maidangna is pushing Queen of heaven of American popularity happy altar to go up especially dispatch expresses, this great artist changed my life, the first concert that I see in Detroit is him! Protect Bao Yi’s good friend greatly, also be the associate that he often cooperates, home of British rock and roll and wheat of compose person Paul Sir Kateni also makes a statement on its official net say, the morning that leaving rain hears this news special sadness, david is a very marvellous star, I cherish what cooperate with him every time opportunity. His work is in England the role with was acted very important on musical history, think of he is global music person and the tremendous influe上海千花网交友

nce that vermicelli made from bean starch brings, I feel very proud. British premier blocks Mei Lun, even Wei Er of archbishop Gu Siting compares Kantebailei to also be pushed through the government interview those who conveyed pair of big Wei Baoyi with media especially devoir.

Nevertheless, worth while and gratified is, this musical image that establishs to go alone especially left to leave finally to common people gift. Before dying two days, namely on January 8, big Wei Baoyi spent his birthday of 69 years old, the special of the 25th piece of recording that issued his music career that day ” Hei Xing ” . This special is homonymic advocate the music that make sheet is in what the line on website Youtube obtained video many times 600 after 3 days to click listen.


The Sa Ke Sifeng that participates in this special transcribe performs a Tang Ni memory says Maikasilin, the last music before the big Yi Sheng that defend Bao is itinerary also was full of hopeful with adventurous spirit. Of special making is collaboration completely model. He can have tolerance more scarcely, more invigorate popular feeling. He always says, the destiny that I do not know this piece of special can be how, but at least we must enjoy this process, let go go doing! Working atmosphere is very marvellous really!

Le Tan is right this piece of new special also was full of big Wei Baoyi to expect. England some rocks and roll the records calls this the likelihood is his the most eccentric, maddest special. Even media thinks, special is the same as great musical composition ” Hei Xing ” in seem Bao Yi to be in about the meaning of death, heaven and aerospace with him the kind with strange all along follows this world to leave.

According to British sheet fourth Taibaite introduces horse of chief inspector of music pop chart, the new work of big Wei Baoyi ” Hei Xing ” there is the power that should ascend a top before its die, as course of study the reviewing to his music career, future will have special of more Bao Yi publish pop chart, predict ” Hei Xing ” will publish pop chart of only music of Ben Zhouying country smoothly head of a list of names posted up.

(original title: Rock-and-roll legend defends Bao Yi to die greatly last pieces of special or plan to leave to the world)

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